Clear and Concise Tutorials on Web Services, APIs, Libraries and Widgets

About Web Apprentice

Web Apprentice provides tutorials on web technologies, including JavaScript libraries, HTML5 features and the APIs of hosted web services.

The services that are available to us on the web today are amazing - from Maps and Video all the way to Speech Recognition.

With a little effort you can add these to your own sites, but only if you know how to use them. Not everyone is a JavaScript expert and getting started with some of these technologies can be daunting.

The goal of Web Apprentice is to provide simple, clear tutorials on a range of web services.

I want to help developers at all levels raise their game, build better applications and, with any luck, advance their careers.


The site is called Web Apprentice for good reason - an Apprentice learns by doing - by building things, by tinkering with them.

So please, get your hands dirty - get the code, mess with it, extend it and see what happens.

Web Apprentice is the work of Rob Jones

About the Tutorials

The tutorials are provided at three levels - Basic, Intermediate and Advanced


These are projects that anyone who can edit the HTML of a web page can handle - you don't need to know JavaScript.


For these you need to understand basic JavaScript and be able to modify example code.


These involve JavaScript and Server-side programming and some involve cutting-edge technologies that won't work in all browsers.

Each tutorial has a descriptive page with screenshots and a code walk-through.

Each tutorial links to a separate self-contained demo page - all the code used is available on GitHub.

About the Code

Client-side scripts use JavaScript, often with jQuery as way to simplify the code.

Server-side scripts use Ruby and the demos are hosted on a Sinatra server. I try and keep the code as simple as possible so that if you work in Python, for example, you should be able to understand the code and be able to convert it.

Pages and scripts are developed using the Google Chrome browser, running on Mac OS X, and tested primarily with Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari.

The Web Apprentice web site is a Rails application. It, and the demo Sinatra server, are hosted on Heroku.

About Rob Jones

I am a Molecular Biologist by training and work in the area of Bioinformatics. These days I work as a consultant to biotechnology companies, helping them with data analysis and building databases for research data. My company is Craic Computing.

I live in Seattle in the US but I am originally from near Manchester in the UK - still got the accent.


Please let me know what you think of the site, tell me if something doesn't work and let me know what tutorials would be useful for you. You can email me at


The tutorials, the web site itself and the screenshots are made available under the terms of the Creative Commons License - Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 United States.

That means that you are free to copy and distribute the work. You need to attribute the work to me and you may not create any derivative works from it, without permission. If you want to do any of those things, just ask - I'll probably say yes.

The Code Examples are different - those are licensed under the Creative Commons License - Attribution 3.0 Unported - you are free to do whatever you want with those - which is kind of the whole point of the tutorials...

As of 2013, access to the site and all the tutorials is FREE - but I reserve the right to create 'Pro' episodes in the future and charge a subscription fee for those.